Maddog Airsoft Grenade Shells

Blow away the competition with the new Maddog Grenade Shells found exclusively at Zephyr Sports. These shells are created using precision CNC and high quality solid aluminum so they will last for years without wearing out. Our airsoft technicians have been field testing these grenades for months, running these through hundreds of shots without any failures.                             Each shell features 12 chambers … Continue reading

JT Impulse Paintball Gun

The 2009 Impulse was one of the most popular markers of its time. JT has revamped this gun for 2013. This marker was almost impossible to get a hold of at launch. Long time players jumped at the chance to get a new Impulse. Typically producing entry level guns, JT took a dive head first into the tournament marker market, and they made a huge splash. Paintball forums were buzzing with anticipation when the Impulse … Continue reading

Infamous Apparel Lands at Zephyr Paintball

        The full line of Infamous apparel has been released and is exclusive to Zephyr Sports. Team Infamous was formed long before a single stencil got spray painted. The team was built out of the core of the original Avalanche team. The players quit and joined the national Xball League. In the NXL the team played as Miami Effect. Infamous came out and won their very first NPPL event, beating Dynasty for … Continue reading

Empire Vanquish Paintball Marker Manual

The Empire Vanquish has become the go-to marker for many paintball players around the world since it’s release. Keep your Vanqusih well maintained so you can out shoot  the opposition and lead your team to victory using the manual below.                                

Dye Releases Four New Colors of Rotors

DYE-2020-50017501 - 50017501 - Dye Rotor Paintball Loader - Dyetree Purple

The Dye rotor has been one of the hottest loaders in paintball since 2009. Just in time for summer Dye has released four new color of rotors. For the tactical paintball player,take a look at the Dark earth rotor and Olive drab rotor. These popular woodsball and tactical colors are sure to go well with your Dye Dam.  Need a little more color on your marker? Maybe the Purple dyetree rotor is up your alley. … Continue reading

Dye I4 Tiger Stripe Orange Mask Sale $99.95

Dye I4 Tiger Stripe mask

Dye has just dropped the price on the Tiger Stripe Orange version of the popular I4 Mask. As you probably know Dye gear rarely goes on sale. The I4 mask is the best tournament mask on the market. It’s insanely lightweight and has an ultra small profile. We’ve stocked up on the last of these masks. The Dye I4 sale will continue while supplies last at Zephyr Paintball.

New Product Release Virtue Spire Spring Ramp

Virtue Spire Ramp

My biggest complaint with the Virtue spire is getting those last few paintballs in the gun at the end of my game. Always seems like I have to move the hopper around to make sure those last ten make. To solve this issue, Virtue released the first factory upgrade for the spire at D-Day this year. The Spire spring ramp is a drop in replacement for all standard and 260 Spires. The spring tension directs … Continue reading