Dye Assault Matrix DAM Paintball Gun Review


Dye assault matrix DAM paintball gun marker review

Scenario players have had to subsist with semi tactical markers and body kits to full fill their scenario arsenals. Too few companies have produced a highly competitive scenario marker that can stand the brutal rigors of woodsball. Many models have expanded the mid range market for the tactically inclined with such models as the versatile X7 or the TM series with their use of speedball technology. Dye has been waiting and biding its time, taking info from the players, watching the games while silently constructing a paintball marker that will bring woodsball into the next century. The Dye Assault Matrix will create high end woodsball, and here is why it will dominate like no other woodsball marker has before.

Become One Of The DAM’ed

The Dye DAM is easily the ultimate tactical marker. Other markers have used their speedball cousin’s internals to improve their performance while adding a tactical aesthetic, but it has always looked like a tournament marker stuck inside a visage composed of harsh angles and Picatinny rails. Taking design construction elements from real steel firearms, the Dye Assault Matrix breaks from this tradition and gives a pure blend of tactical necessity and performance. This was not a speedball marker that was adapted for woodsball, this is a scenario marker first, with speedball options second. The two most notable departures from speedball and milsim-esque paintball guns is the Dye DAM‘s magazine system, and the lack of an external regulator. With the simple flip of a switch, players can turn the DAM from a magazine fed marker, to a hopper fed marker with ease and simplicity. On the right side of the marker, the DAM uses a removable feedneck for that ultra realistic feel just using magazines. The magazine system on the Dye Assault Matrix uses a single mag that holds 2 tubes of 10 rounds each, when out of the first 10 rounds, eject the mag, flip it around, and insert back in to continue the fire. An ambidextrous magazine release facilitates rapid reloads and keeps player from fumbling while under pressure. While 20 rounds a mag seems small, these magazines are First Strike compatible, allowing users to use precision rounds when needed. Stay hidden in an ambush formation and take out key players with First Strike rounds and when the enemy knows you’re location, switch to your hopper and unleash the Dye DAM’s fury with several different firing modes.

Dye DAM Assault Matrix paintball gun marker for sale colors release

Dye  DAM Paintball Gun in Tan/Black, Dyecam/Tan, Green/Black, and Black

The regulator system is based on the popular Hyper regulator and is now built into the marker to keep the Dye Assault Matrix looking as tactical and low profile as possible. The on/off ASA has also been kept low profile so as not to snag on foliage, and a gas through frame greatly helps players belly crawl through the brush. Buttons to turn on the marker, change the modes and settings are all located on the left side where a fire select system would be. The DAM sports Semi automatic, tri-burst, and fully automatic fire. It can even use all the firing modes with the First Strike rounds giving players the option of burst or full auto First Strike Fire. No matter how sweaty, muddy or drenched your hands are, the Dye tactical 45 degree sticky grips will keep your amazing DAM marker in your hands. The exterior of the marker has been made for function over form. 4 Picatinny rails are screwed into the frame in a standard real steel configuration. These rails can be used to attach any accessory to your marker with easy from optics and iron sights on top of the marker, to foregrips, grenade launchers, lasers and flashlights on the sides. The DAM even comes with an angled foregrip that is a nod toward some of the latest firearms innovations. The CAR style stock is a multiposition, telescoping stock that appears to be a cross between the CTR and clubfoot, with a storage compartment built in.

Internally, the Dye Assault Matrix uses a bolt with a quick release system for easy maintenance. The back cap is held back with magnets and can be extended to provide enough leverage for the bolt to be removed by hand. Velocity adjustment is done through the back of the marker, and if needed, the regulator can be removed from the marker with the simplest regulator break down Dye has ever made. Maintenance on the Dye Assault Matrix is a dream, all the components for standard maintenance are just 2 screw turns away from access. The DAM operates internally at 150 psi using a spool valve with internal regulator system. It is capable of a maximum of 25 balls per second and uses Dye’s new Eye Pipe system that eliminates the need for external eye covers. The Eye Pipe is an internal polycarbonate pipe that protects the sensor systems and the eyes from paint and is wiped clean with the stroke of the bolt every time the DAM fires. The DAM comes stock with a 14 inch  auto-cocker threaded barrel. Dye has created easily one of the best woodsball markers ever conceived, perfecting ideas, and adding new innovation to the scenario side of the sport.



Weight: 5.15 lbs
Length: 36 inches
Caliber: .68Cal / Shaped projectile ready (First Strike)
Barrel Length: 14 inches standard
Operating Pressure: 150 psi
Max Rate of Fire: 25+ Balls per second
Mode of Fire: Semi-Auto, 3 Shot Burst, Full Auto
Bolt Type: Spool Valve with Internal Regulator
Loading System: Hopper and Magazine, On the Fly System
Magazine: 20 round, 10 round, Assault repair kit
Feedneck: Removable Right hand feed
ASA: Airport with on off
Grip Frame: 45 Style with StickyGrips™
Eye System: Rotating Eyepipe™
Stock: CAR Style Stock
Mounting System: 1913 Picatinny Rail
By Lucas Hawes

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