GoG Paintball eXTCy Paintball Gun Review


It’s light, it’s fast, it gets over 20+ bps, and it isn’t over $300. GoG has sent a shock into the Paintball industry delivering a marker that will leave players in the state of its namesake: eXTCy. This marker has an ultra light design with a plastic shell that provides coloring throughout the paintball gun. The eXTCy GoG has a full metal, aluminum alloy body and uses NXT feedneck threads. It has a clamping vertical feedneck and uses seal forward technology on the Smart Parts threaded barrel. The metal trigger on the Gog eXTCy is 3 way adjustable with a notch in the reverse S curve for a greater tactile feel when walking the trigger. The foregrip houses GoG paintball’s Max-Flo R regulator, and the bolt is easy to maintain by simply screwing the cap out of the back.


GoG eXTCy in Tactical Green, Rally White, Titanium Silver, Freak Green, Racer Red, and Razor Blue.

Pushing The Usability of Markers

GoG paintball uses the Black Heart board in their eXTCy giving semi auto, full auto, 3 shot burst, PSP, and Billy Ball firing modes (Billy Ball lowers the marker’s rate of fire to between .5 and 2 balls per second). The eXTCy GoG uses a 9v to power the board, and has Break Beam eyes to ensure no miss feeds, double feeds, occur and to prevent chops. The eyes are wired and have removable covers in case of breaks and for maintenance. The Gog eXTCy operates on multiple gas types and uses a hammer free electro-pneumatic design. The XTC is very customize able and has a variety of interchangeable color body kits to mix and match.

Highest BPS for the $$$

This is an awesome marker capable of high rates of fire and still able to be used with the renter crowd. GoG paintball also includes a plastic branded carrying case for storage and transportation of your eXTCy. If you want one of the highest performing markers for this price range, and not break the bank, take a look at the Gog eXTCy!




Lightweight Design
Branded plastic carry case as standard
Wired eyes for ultimate reliability
Removable eye covers for easy access to detents and break beam eyes.
Full Metal Structure – aluminum alloy
Blackheart Board Included
Modes Include semi auto, fully auto and 3 shot burst also PSP & BillyBall
Interchangeable Colored Body Kits
Break Beam Vision – reliable anit-chop technology
Hammer free Electro-pneumatic Design
Simple 9-Volt Operation
Mulit-Gas Operation
3 Point Adjustable Trigger
Simple Maintenance with bolt out back design
Field Legal
Seal Forward Technology
Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
Vertical Feed Breech
Standard Smart Parts Barrel Thread
NXT Feedneck Threads

by Lucas Hawes

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GoG Paintball eXTCy Paintball Gun Review, 6.6 out of 10 based on 31 ratings
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