Kingman Spyder MR5 Paintball Gun Review

kingman spyder mr5 paintball gun review e mr5

Kingman Spyder E-MR5 and MR5 Paintball Guns

Kingman Spyder is bringing the magazine back! The Mr5 is a high preforming mid level marker that has a trick up its sleeve never before seen in paintball. With sturdy internals that can be upgraded using Spyder’s LEAP 3 board, and realistic externals, it’s no wocnder many scenario players are converting to this more realistic marker.

The Best of Both Hoppers and Mags

The biggest draw to the Spyder MR5 paintball gun is its DLS system. The Dual loading system allows player to swap between magazine fed operation and hopper fed operation on the fly. The DLS system uses a rotating barrel with a hole cut out for the paintballs to load in. By rotating the barrel, players will move the hole so that it can either fire with the magazine or swap back to the hopper. The 9 round magazine that comes with the MR5 is also First Strike compatible, so players can take long range shots with the First Strike loaded magazine or swap to their large reservoir hopper when things get close.

Externally the MR5 has an AR-15 style charging handle, a telescoping SOPMOD style stock, and a quad rail RIS barrel system. A flash hider is attached to the front of the 14″ barrel for authenticity, and the overall body shape is much closer to a real M4 than past versions. The mechanical version comes with a pair of flip up sights that mount to the top rail, out of the way of the offset hopper while the Electronic E-MR5 uses an AR-15 A frame sight with AR-15 carry handle rear sight in the back.

With the LEAP 3 circuit board installed this innovative semi auto scenario paintball gun turns into a monster. The advanced electronic trigger frame features a color display that shows the Safe, Semi, 3 shot Bust, 6 shot Burst, and Full Auto modes including a low battery power indicator. The Kingman Spyder E-MR5 runs off of a 9.6v battery and includes an AC charger. Running off of CO2 or HPA the Eko valve system can get up to 1600 shots from a standard 20oz and is extremely efficient. With the FS electronic Venturi Bolt the E-MR5 keeps your First Strike rounds on target.



E-MR5 uses leap 3 circuit board adn color display for sae semi 3 burst 6 burst full auto and a low battery indicator
Advance Electronic Trigger Frame
LEAP 3™ Circuit Board with Color Access Mode Display (CAMD): SAFE, SEMI, 3 Burst, 6 Burst, Full Auto and Low Battery Indicator
Air Efficient Eko™ Valve System (Patent #8,286,622) shoots up to 1600 shots from a 20oz CO2 Tank
Dual Loading System (Patent Pending)
9 Round First Strike™ Capable Magazine Included
AR-15 Style Charging Handle
Adjustable SOPMOD Shoulder Stock w/ Angled Butt Plate
Quad RIS Barrel Shroud
Front Sight Base (FSB)
Carrying Handle Mount with Adjustable Sight
14” Battle Barrel w/ Standard Threaded Muzzle Brake
High Impact Polymer Off-Set Clamping Feed Neck
FS Electronic Venturi Bolt
Quick Release Striker Plug Pull Pin
Steel Braided Hose
External Velocity Adjuster
9.6v Rechargeable Battery & AC Charger Included
Capable to shoot .68 Caliber & First Strike™ Paintballs
Operates on CO2 or Compressed Air

by Lucas Hawes

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Kingman Spyder MR5 Paintball Gun Review, 5.3 out of 10 based on 117 ratings
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