Zephyr Sports coverage of the Shot Show 2012 KWA USA Kriss Super V

Here she is, the pinnacle of KWA USA engineering, the Boss of sub-machine guns, the game changer, theĀ  Kriss super V.

KWA USA KRISS SUPER V VECTOR at Las Vegas 2012 Shot Show



This beauty was originally built by Kriss TDI, a highly innovative company that partnered Magpul to create a sub-machine gun with highly unusual delayed recoil and an insane rate of fire for the .45 cal. KWA USA spent years re-engineering the design of the Kriss Vector to use 6mm BBs and retain the internals of the real steel version. Additionally, KWA put in it’s new gas rifle FV (Force Velocity) system in the Kriss, rather than their excellent NS2 system as with their other amazing gas guns. The Kriss V uses 4 pins for its field strip to separate the lower and upper receiver and drop out the bolt. The operation is identical to the real version with Semi, 2 round burst, and full auto select fire as well as the closed bolt firing. It will take its own dedicated magazines 24 or 50 rounds, and from what we have heard it will either come with a CQB bolt (350 fps, contradicting what KWA says on their website), or a field bolt in the 370 fps range with the opposite coming out some time in the future. A little birdy also told us that the KWA Kriss V may have 16mm negative threads (standard is 14mm negative) meaning it may not be compatible with most aftermarket flash hiders or mock silencers. The reason for the unusual threading is because the real Vector takes the .45 which means a wider barrel than the 9mm cal firearms. The little birdy went on to say that because the structure of this Kriss is so close to the real one, compatible flashlights will mount above the barrel or on the accessory rails (that bottom one is begging for a vertical grip). We got to try it out at the 2012 Shotshow in Las Vegas and it is incredible. Everything on that SMG is solid, tight, and feels extremely realistic. Its a gun you want to be behind when clearing rooms and kicking down doors, and the polymer body will take a hit as you dive for cover. After getting a chance to hold and operate one of the most highly anticipated airsoft guns in 2012, the wait until the KWA Kriss Vector’s release date in summer will be unbearable.

KWA USA KRISS Super V internals and bolt mechanism

by Lucas Hawes

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Zephyr Sports coverage of the Shot Show 2012 KWA USA Kriss Super V, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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